About us

SCHOTT Sync is a division of SCHOTT MUSIC, a leading international music publisher with over 50,000 copyrights and 1,000 composers, 240 years of publishing experience, worldwide subsidiaries and sync teams in Mainz, New York, London and Tokyo.

Our catalogue covers a broad repertoire of masterworks of classical and serious contemporary music such as CARMINA BURANA by Orff, but also the well-known SIRTAKI by Theodorakis, GUANTANAMERA by Diaz as well as pop, jazz and world music.

Beethoven, Wagner, Stravinsky and Ligeti entrusted their works to us. Kubrick, Scorsese, Cameron and Burton have asked for and been granted permission to use these pieces.

From orchestral and virtuoso, heroic and epic via beautiful and offbeat, spine-chilling and disgusting to indie and trendy:

Our sync-team will find music for you from all genres at no charge. We create playlists that fit your briefing and especially your budget as well. After we have found the perfect sound, we will clear all rights for you worldwide so that you can fully concentrate on the creative process and disregard the jungle of rights.

In addition to the publishing rights, we also take care of the master rights of the recording for you in our one-stop shop. Thanks to our own record companies (WERGO and Intuition) and cooperations with numerous labels, recording studios and film music composers, we have the right music for every occasion. Or we can even have a custom-tailored score composed for you.

Different recordings, new arrangements: gladly.

Send us your briefing or give us a call – we are looking forward to hearing from you!